Reformas Insulares makes all kinds of reform and rehabilitation, full or partial, of both interior and exterior building communities, always adapting to the needs of each client and meet our guidelines and GOOD QUALITY.

Thanks to years of experience in the sector and the many works done are experts in implementing reforms and rehabilitations.

  • Full or partial alteration of buildings.
  • Reforms portals and stairs.
  • Reform and implementation of storage.
  • Pulido portals and stairs.
  • Interior and exterior painting.
  • Reform garages.
  • Waterproofing and leaks.
  • Reform of roofs and terraces.
  • Reform covers.
  • Reform roofs.
  • Reform and implementation of pools.
  • Rehabilitation of facades.
  • Reform of electrical installations.
  • Plumbing and Heating.
  • Indoor, outdoor and locksmith joinery.
  • Sound installations, data and automation.
  • Air conditioning installations and air conditioning.
  • Fire sectorisations.
  • Adaptation of common areas for disabled.
  • Implementation of lifts.
  • Installing saves stairs.
  • Repairs of all types.
  • Projects and licenses.
  • Maintenance of buildings, ITE.

We are at your disposal if you need a team of highly qualified professionals, well coordinated and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

  • Experience and personal attention.
  • Perfect coordination team.
  • High quality finishes.
  • Fair price and delivery on time.
  • Satisfaction of the community.